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Welcome to The Woodlands Photography Club. We are a group of people who love photography.

From amateur to professional - film to digital - and beyond.

We come together to learn and share from each other and to have FUN!

Night Photography

Congratulations to Doug Wilson for winning the May mini-contest. The subject was "motion", but he managed to capture an excellent night fairground scene.

"Motion 2" Photograph by Doug Wilson

One of the members asked Doug how he took the photograph. "With a tripod." he replied. The comment received a small laugh from the crowd. It was an honest answer as well as amusing.

Night photography is easier than you might think. Digital cameras are particularly suited to low light conditions, but film cameras can be used as well.

The keys to success are the use of a tripod and fast, wide angle lens. An aperture of f2.0 to f2.8 will allow short exposures. A wide angle lens will provide maximum depth of field at small apertures.

"Street Scene" Photograph by Michael Guidry

City streets can be surprisingly bright ."Street Scene" was taken in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The camera was a hand held Nikon FE with a 24mm, f 2.0 lens and Ilford HP4 Plus 125 film.

"Milky Way over TSP" Photograph by Michael Guidry



"Milky Way over TSP" shows why the Texas Star Party is held in the Davis Mountains of West Texas. The photograph was taken with a Nikon D300, 24mm f2.0 lens, and a tripod.

The point is that photography doesn't have stop when the sun goes down. Take the gadget bag next time you step out for dinner. Snap a frame or two. You may find the next winning image.

Mike Guidry.


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June Field Trips

Sign up for the Buffalo Bayou Pontoon Boat Tour Saturday, June 20th!

Change you point of view. See Houston landmarks from the river. Allen's Landing, Houston's birthplace, Sabine Promenade, Sesquicentennial Park, and bayou wilderness await the adventuresome photographer.

Cost: $20 per person.

June Workshops

Sign up for David Meine's Advanced Studio Lighting, Posing and Glamor Photography workshop on June 27!


Houston Zoo Field Trip


Photograph by Dot Mullinax

Members rose early May 30th to go behind the scenes at the Houston Zoo.


Photograph by Dot Mullinax

The trip was well attended for the 3rd year in a row. It is easy to see why when you see the results. Dot Mullinax provided a few photographs for us to view.

Thanks for the sharing Dot!


May Meeting

Christine Tremoulet (photographer) and copyright attorney Katie Sunstrom discussed how to publish and protect your images.

Photograph by Vu Bahn

Various methods and legal requirements of copyright law were presented. The short story Register photographs with the the US copyright office!

Thanks Christine and Katie!

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